Master in Marketing and Strategy (Universidade do Minho, 2016), my dissertation focused on the legacies of the European Capital of Culture event on cultural and arts organizations’ marketing. Its evaluation was 18/20. I’m also graduated in management (Universidade do Minho and University of Southern Denmark, 2012) and my professional experience includes providing business services, developing marketing plans and researches and also writing for local media and blogs. I’m living in Mexico City since February where I’m a business manager in a digital marketing agency.

Among my main interests are marketing, corporate strategy, arts and culture and sociology – I find social interaction one of the most interesting matters, as I’ve been learning during experiences in Denmark, Turkey, Slovenia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. Working together with another nine volunteers in Sarajevo, to define a marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan to both Historical and National museums, are certainly among my most exciting times. Even though technology is winning across the world, books are still essential on my personal case.