I’m António Joaquim Oliveira and this place was created so you can get to know (just a little part of) me. For any top-secret comments, professional enquiries or just a warm hi, feel free to contact me. It will be a pleasure to hear from you. Also, if you do understand Portuguese or fancy some kinda cool music, please be my guest and go check the blog.

Thanks for visiting.

Olá. Chamo-me António Joaquim Oliveira e este espaço foi criado para funcionar como cartão de visita, ponto de contacto e blog, que substitui o agora inativo TBA – To Be Announced. Obrigado pela visita.

ajo antonio joaquim oliveira


Marketing, writing, the arts, and sociology are some of my interests. Social interaction, especially in a multicultural environment, is one of the most interesting matters, as I’ve been learning during studying, volunteering and working experiences in Denmark, Bosnia, and Mexico.

Working together with another nine volunteers in Sarajevo, to define a marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan to both Historical and National museums, and working in advertising in Mexico City are definitely among my most exciting times.

My master’s dissertation focused on the legacies of the European Capital of Culture event on cultural and arts organizations’ marketing, and it gave me the opportunity to deal with two of my favourite matters – marketing and the arts.

My professional experience includes creating and managing campaigns in Google AdWords, providing content and digital marketing services, developing digital marketing plans and market researches and also writing for local media and blogs. Even though I’m currently back home and freelancing as a content marketer and Google AdWords campaign manager, I’m open to new challenges. Let me know if you have something we can work on together.

In addition to my native Portuguese, I do have the ability to speak and write fluently and idiomatically in English and Spanish, which I’ve been doing during the years in studying, working and leisure activities.

I do know technology is winning across the world, but paper books are still the best there is.